Corina Guzmancorina-guzman

Corina was born in Ann Arbor (Michigan) and was raised in Caracas (Venezuela). She is a graphic designer. From a very young age, she has been related with sports and dance, such as Flamenco, which she danced professionally for 15 years. In 2002, she started to study Ashtanga Yoga in “Yoga Pedregal” in Caracas, under the guidance of teachers Ximena Lopez and Carla Barquero. In 2008 she moved to Miami, Florida. In “Just Breath Yoga”, located in Sunny Isles Beach, she completed the Yoga Alliance’s 200-hours Yoga Teacher Training Program, under the guidance of Ashley Cummings and Paola Villegas. Later, she took over the Prenatal Yoga Lessons in this same center. In 2016-2017 she completes her second teacher training, this time of 300 hours, under the guidance of her teachers Radha Khrisna Lila and Benjamin Smielowitz. Corina’s philosophy is learning something new every day; therefore, she enjoys to take classes with different and new teachers. That allows her to enhance continually her Yoga skills. She strongly believes that everyone can apply the knowledge received from Yoga in personal, professional and social development throughout their entire lives.

Carolina Fernandez IMG_1864.JPG

Carolina has been practicing Yoga for 20 years. At the beginning yoga was a way to challenge herself at a physical level but over time it became part of her life in a much deeper way.
In 2006 she completed the 200-hour Sampoorna Certified Yoga™ Teacher Training Residential Course at Yogi Hari’s Ashram and in 2016 a 200-hour Foundational Teacher Training with Mariano Ardissone at Ayama Yoga. She believes yoga brings great awareness to ourselves and our bodies. This awareness helps us accept, love and embrace every stage of our lives. Practicing with respect for our body and its limitations is the fundamental basis on which she bases her teaching. “Your mat is YOUR space, free of judgement”.

Gabriela Fernandezalabamahills-yoga-1

Gabriela has been a yoga practitioner for almost 15 years – As her passion and
dedication for yoga grew; the seed of teaching bloomed in her heart… Her purpose is to invite people to explore Yoga and discover the amazing gifts this ancient practice has to offer.
She teaches either group or private classes of many formats and schools of Hatha Yoga (restorative, vinyasa, sivananda, power, and ashtanga); but her main focus and passion is “Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga”.  She is also Doula currently working on her certification. She is originally from Mexico City, and enjoys living in Miami Beach. She is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

img_2907Gabriel Villaverde

Gabriel was born in Argentina and came to the states in 2001 to work in the hospitality field, after living in Miami for several years he re-discovered himself through his Yoga practice learning from different teachers in Miami Beach. This personal life shift towards a more holistic compassionate life was strong enough for him to decide to deepen his practice and he decided to take a 200 Hrs Hatha Vinyasa teacher training program, as soon as he graduated he started to teach full time and realized that there is much more to learn and many different ways to this path, after taking and teaching classes with different teachers he enrolled in a 300 Hrs Gentle Therapeutics Yoga, Gabriel is now an  ERYT 200 RYT 500 Yoga Alliance certified and teaches a wide variety of classes in different venues.

Juan Carlos Muguercia img_0768

Juan Carlos is a certified massage therapist, Reiki Master and, 400 RYT. As a massage therapist for over a decade, his practical understanding towards the anatomy of the body made his transition of becoming a yoga instructor an organic step towards his career. He uses his intuitive wisdom to channel into his students body, with the goal of translating his work on the massage table onto the yoga mat, in order to serve a therapeutic and balanced yogic experience in his classes, helping students tune in and reconnect with their bodies. Juan Carlos is passionate about being a teacher and inspiring others to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Joseph Armstrong img_8219

Joseph teaches yoga rooted firmly in tradition. His search for a more present and peaceful life led him to the practice in 2008. A few years later he was living in India and studying intensively. Joseph later began experimenting with Ashtanga Yoga. He understood quickly that the lineage was calling to him to deepen his practice. Joseph teaches yoga because attempts to do any and everything else ended disastrously. But when he finally devoted himself to his passion, he became an asset to himself and others. He hopes his practice allows him to be ever more loving and to exist gently.

Mateo Lizarazoimage1

Chakra Flow & Vinyasa-Inspired yoga teacher & RYT 300, Mateo Lizarazo currently resides in Miami Beach, teaching at venues all around the Miami area. Deeply rooted in the eastern folk & culture, his primary inspirations include teachers of the Jivamukti & Ashtanga tradition. His love & studies in music, dance & devotional chanting also influence his teachings. His classes are celebration of life, kindness and self-acceptance.

Vanesa Mouka vanesa-mouka-16

Started to practice yoga in 2011 and since then I have seen how my life changed in a positive way, especially in physical health, mental awareness and inner peace. In my regular yoga practice, I cultivate respect for the physical body, stillness of the mind and breathing techniques, trying to sync them all and feel the connection within. Outside the yoga mat, I practice compassion and love among with the Yamas and Niyamas. I love to share these virtues with the students, guiding them, through meditation, pranayama and asanas, to self- awareness and leading them to enjoy the experience of a yoga practice.

Jenny Cornero pray copy

International Yoga instructor, Jenny Cornero has a background in communication and journalism. When exploring Yoga in San Francisco, CA, Jenny discovers the discipline that would influence her life.   She has graduated  @ the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Vedanta, in The Bahamas, in 1995 where she lived  as a karma yogi, teaching yoga, and searching for new spaces to awake  and transform her consciousness, where eventually; she believes,  the soul of yoga drives civilization.  This led her into a new path with a new mission, to spread yoga around the world. She has travelled extensively around America and Europe propagating Yoga and also India where she got to be more involved with the true essence of eastern philosophy. In her guidance, as well as in her practice, Jenny opens new doors for those who believe they can do better to improve their quality of life, and those who understand that a regular yoga practice is a key link to health,  awareness and self-realization.  In 1999 she met Sri Dharma Mittra, a legendary Yoga Master based in New York, who inspired her through his teachings and yogi life. Jenny  brought Mr Dharma  to Miami two times for extensive workshops.  She is the director of “Kutir Films” and producer of 16 Yoga dvd’s “Yoga for Health” and “Yoga para la Salud” (filmed in two languages) distributed in USA, Latin America, Europe and Australia being streamed in Amazon, Netflix and FMTV.  Jenny travels around Europe and Latin America giving workshops and lectures in the matters of yoga and wellbeing. 

Irena Taneva 

Irena comes from a running and fitness background. Born in Bulgaria, she loves being in the outdoors and feeling the sense of power and wellbeing that physical exertion brings.
While working in a fitness center she was asked by a yoga studio in Bulgaria to develop a hybrid form of yoga and Tae Bo to complement their classes and so was born her passion for yoga. In 2011 she moved to US and explored yoga fully -Hot, Power, Hatha, Ashtanga, etc.
Once, Irena decided to make yoga her life path, she traveled to Goa, India where she completed her 500hr certification with Sampoorna Yoga For Body and Mind. Knowing the mind is an essential importance which makes her further explore meditation technics at Kopan Buddhist Monastery, Nepal so as Osho Center, Pune.
Irena is fun and lighthearted, she brings a playful approach, as well as deep understanding of yoga anatomy and philosophy to her students. She strongly believes that yoga is a personal journey in which the more you are able to embrace rather than fight your own limitations and vulnerabilities, the less limits they hold and the more balance and energy you experience. Yoga has brought a profound purpose to her life which she shares with others.

Emilia Arenas

A passionate fitness instructor Emilia Arenas fell in love with yoga when her mom invited her to a yoga class almost two decades ago. From that day on she embarked in a journey on the yoga path and decided to move to Miami to be able to continue to study under the guidance of wonderful teachers that helped deepen her knowledge and passion for this path. After some years of practice she wanted to go to the root and has traveled to Mysore India to be guided by Sharath Jois in the path of Ashtanga yoga. Emilia has led classes and workshops  around Florida and South America. Her classes are filled with enthusiasm and her adjustments help the students to better understand the physical and energy aspects of the asanas.

Carolina Figares 

Carolina Figares is a RYT 500  Yoga Alliance certified  yoga teacher. She has been certified at Yoga Now in Chicago and Rishikul Yogshala in India. Carol has studies on Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Yin yoga. She is also certified  to teach Yoga Kids and Prenatal Yoga. She has a background on Psychology, trainings on Reiki healing and Thai body work keeping her aware of  the power of words, presence and touch and their mindful use in class.

Carolina guides sessions to empower the students helping them to know themselves better, providing routines that strengthening the body while generating steadiness of  the mind so they can grow into their own practice. As the practice deepen what seamed impossible is now available and healing happens naturally. She believes yoga opens up a space where we truly understand how to accept ourselves but we also learn to tune into the dynamic changes we feel, welcoming the process of transformation. Through the asanas physical postures and the pranayama breath work we will explore the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects that make up our subjective experience of being alive as a whole. Carol guides students to remain aware, center and grounded. Her classes will gradually  increase the flexibility and endurance of the body as well as training the mind to stay present and connect within.


Sandrine Kamhi 

Sandrine Kamhi, born in France, moved to Miami Beach in 2015. Her journey to yoga began in Geneva in 2002, when she was working as a children’s rights consultant for an NGO to improve education and children’s rights. She immediately fell in love with yoga, and before she knew it, yoga became her life.After years of practicing and studying consistently various styles of yoga, she began on her path as a teacher in 2009, in Istanbul, where she used to live. As a dedicated student and teacher, she has been completed several trainings in Vinyasa, Ashtanga yoga, and Jivamukti yoga, to best serve her students. In her years of practice as a teacher, she is recognized for her warm presence, positive energy, attitude, and spirit; and she has been teaching classes internationally, organizing workshops and retreats, and taking part in teaching teacher-training courses.

Sandrine’s classes, playful and uplifting, create a supportive foundation for students to feel balanced, energized, and confident on and off the mat. She aims to nourish and empower students at every level of practice. Besides yoga, Sandrine has studied non-verbal communication and body language. She is also a licensed therapist in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy. Sandrine is extremely grateful to all her teachers who inspire her practice, teaching and Life.


Brenda Delgado 

Born in Venezuela, I’m a yoga certified 200 hours yoga teacher. I’ve been practicing yoga for the past 13 years. In 2010, I did my 200 hours Yoga Alliance teacher certification in Miami with Rina Jakubowicz at Rina Yoga studios. Student of very respected yoga teachers in Miami, among them; Anand KF Von Ruem III, Lina Vallejo, Benjamin Smielowitz, Radha Krishna Lila and international recognized Dharma Mittra from New York and Kino McGregor. I have practiced many yoga styles as Hatha, Dharma, Skanda, Ashtanga, and Bikram and have specialized in Vinyasa Flow. I also have completed level 1 Reiki certification.

I first found yoga at the local gym in my town. I was very attracted to the challenging yoga provided me back then. At that time in my life, I was depressed and could not sleep at night. After few classes, I was able to sleep again. I started to noticed how I became calmer and more happy with myself. I knew I had found something new in my life that I loved very much. Yoga has been for me a spiritual wake up call. It has taken me throughout many revelations. The biggest gift I got from the practice of yoga has been “Awareness”, bringing light into issues I did not know I had from my childhood and I was not aware of the strong influence they were having in my relationships my self-confidence and in my life in general. With awareness, you can transform and change.

Teaching yoga has taught me about compassion. Has given me the opportunity to face my fears, to understand we are all the same, we are all looking for the same thing, connection with ourselves. Teaching yoga has been my greatest mirror! I see a part of myself in each one of my students. My mission as a yoga teacher is to bring the student into full awareness of their physical bodies first and then into their subtle bodies to connect, accept and love themselves. Ultimately to find more self-love….My classes are a flow where I combined Hatha and Vinyasa style to find the perfect balance of a dynamic and slow/ soft practice. We work with the breath to safely and in coordination with the movements go from pose to pose. I guide the students into the deepest level of their practice with compassion and integrating any physical condition or limitation they may have, giving them differents options and variations to adjust into their practice. Finding peace and calmness in their journey.

Laureano Gil  

With a serious passion for the sports, Laureano grew up playing rugby and then continued with different sports throughout his life. He never had a serious injury until he almost simultaneously ruptured both his achilles tendons. Surprisingly this complete disaster – forcing a lifelong athlete into a long recovery – eventually turned into a blessing. Laureano found yoga and a new flexibility and ease that he never thought possible. An avid traveler, Laureano curiously explored many different styles of yoga for the following five years, until he was introduced to Skanda Yoga® in 2012. Guided by founders Lina Vallejo and Ken von Roenn III he graduated from the Skanda Yoga® 200 hour teacher training in 2014. Laureano’s classes are open for all levels of yoga practictioners.