Fly Yoga was founded by Maria Yantorno, she specializes in kid’s yoga, holistic kids programs, Mommy & Me, meditation and relaxation for all ages. Maria is extremely passionate about yoga and  she is eager to share it with you.When she created Fly Yoga she had the purpose to offer a welcoming environment that is open to each individual who walks through the door, with the  intention of making yoga and holistic healing accessible to everyone in our community.

The origin story behind fly yoga miami involves fate,passion and love for family.We offer a variety of classes for our student total well-being.Everyone is wellcome,especially if you have never done yoga before.Fly yoga offers 40 classes a week in all styles of Yoga.We provide a learning environment,committed to the beginner as well as the advanced practitioner. No matter what your degree of flexibility or experience,we offer a wide variety of classes to suit your individual needs The classes at Fly yoga Miami are taught by the highest quality teachers. The benefits that students experience with a CONSISTENT PRACTICE at Fly Yoga Miami include:reduced stress and anxiety, better sleep, reducing high blood pressure, healthy weight loss, reducing back pain or sciatica , reduce depression. We help people find a balance in their lives so they can allow themselves to live to the fullest and the most enjoyable way.  

Fly Yoga offers affordable packages for everyone in the family. Check out our schedule and join us for a class!